Before you finish this form you can either print the form out OR tally up the
number of YES and the number of NO answers so you can work out your score.


Staff are aware of the rights of people with disability as per the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) and The Disability Inclusion Act (2014) *
Staff are aware of the rights of customers with guide and service dogs and assistance animals *


Staff have received disability awareness training *
Staff are aware about inclusive communication with people with disability *
Staff know the location of the nearest accessible car space *
Staff know the location of the nearest accessible toilet *
Sound-absorbing materials are used where possible *
Lighting is indirect and does not create glare or shadows *
Background noise (ie music) is kept to a minimum *
Business provides opportunities for feedback provision *


Entrance to your business is accessible and clear of obstacles *
Steps are smooth, non-slip and well-lit with handrails and guardrails where possible *
Furniture and fittings do not prevent access *
Floors and surfaces are non-slip *
Service counter is accessible and well-lit *
Aisles are wide enough for pram/wheelchair/walking frame access *
Door handles are an accessible height *
Door mats are secured and/or non-slip *
EFTPOS machine is accessible *
Accessible toilet is available *
Designated parking space/s for people with disability *
Accessible path of travel from parking space to premises *
Signage is visible for all facilities *
Fire alarms are visible and audible *


Communication and marketing are inclusive and accessible for people with disability *
Business can be contacted using a number of different ways *
Staff are familiar with how to contact the National Relay Service *
Signs are clear, easy to read and use high contrast colours *
Pen and paper is available for customers to use to communicate with staff where necessary *
Business can be contacted in multiple ways including phone, SMS, email and/or website *
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