PASSIONATE about creating a community where swimming is second nature for all, including those with special needs, Swimz Guildford has won a Zero Barriers Business Excellence Award.

A business and service support project that aims to eliminate barriers for people with disability when shopping, using services or doing activities, Zero Barriers was developed by The Multicultural Network in 2017, marking the beginning of a new approach to disability access and inclusion.
During that first year, Zero Barriers worked with more than 40 businesses, clubs and services to educate about disability inclusion and offered them tips for low cost or no-cost solutions to become more accessible to their customers with disability.
There are now over 200 businesses involved.
Swimz Guildford owner Anu Bedi says the centre opened six years ago at 12 Carrington Road, and has been purpose-designed to suit to those of all abilities.
“We are smaller so there is less noise which is important for some of our participants,” Anu said.
“We also offer one-on-one lessons as well as small group lessons.
“Our environment is designed to cater for the needs of each child and our instructors also receive specific training.”
With easy parking and access, the centre has seen many participants with special needs graduate to mainstream classes.
“It’s very rewarding, we try hard and are incredibly grateful for this award,” Anu said.

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