Nader Petroleum Group

Nader Petroleum Group: 740 Hume Highway Yagoona NSW 2199 Phone Number: 0414 889 977 Nader Petroleum prides itself in providing exceptional customer service for all customers including those that have mobility issues or a disability. As an example we will provide driveway service for customers who are in a wheel chair. Customers will beep

Sole Trader for Legion Cabs

 Sole Trader for Legion Cabs PO Box 149 Belmore 2192  Phone: 0414 654 120 Jim is patient and understanding of customers’ needs. He has built up close relations over the years with the families and customers he works with. He is understanding that sometimes our customers show complex and challenging behaviours, without Jim our

Sole Trader for 13Cabs

Business Name: Sole Trader for 13Cabs Address: 3 Wallace Street Bexley NSW 2207 Phone: 0416 161 614 Website: What do they do? Sole Trader for 13Cabs TAXI SERVICE What do they do towards Zero Barriers for people with disability? John has been transporting East Hills and Bankstown Community Solutions customers since 2015. In

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