Coles- Fairfield West

Coles: Fairfield West368 Hamilton Rd, Fairfield West, NSW 2165 Phone: (02) 9616 5100 Coles Quiet Hour low sensory shopping experience | Coles Tuesday 10:30-11:30am Quiet Hour provides a low-sensory shopping experience by making changes in store, such as reducing noise and distractions. These changes are designed to help make a difference to customers who

Rookwood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium

Rookwood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium Memorial Avenue, Rookwood Necropolis NSW 2141  (02) 9746 8945 Rookwood Memorial Gardens & Crematorium is located within the grounds of Rookwood Cemetery – one of the oldest and largest multicultural cemeteries in Australia. We are a sanctuary where family and friends can come to reflect, honour and pay

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