Business Name: Punchbowl Rashay’s

Address: Shop 28, Broadway Plaza, Punchbowl

Phone: 0280367759


What do they do?

We are a family friendly, Italian inspired restaurant, that serves the best pizza, pasta and grilled items at a reasonable price. We promote the ultimate casual dining experience

What do they do towards Zero Barriers for people with disability?

At Punchbowl Rashays our goal is to become one of the most inclusive restaurants in Australia. Since starting our venture at the beginning of the year we have designed community minded initiatives that have since received attention from mainstream media and our local community.

In April, we became the first restaurant in Australia to make Auslan (Australia sign language) compulsory for all current and new staff members, training all 35 staff members, hiring 5 profoundly deaf staff, 1 hard of hearing and two in-house Auslan trainers. Although it proved to be difficult training a large amount of staff, we stuck to our goal of becoming completely deaf friendly by the end of 2018, 100% of our staff members have completed our beginners Auslan course and are now in the process of finishing their intermediate level.

We have had many deaf customers, advocates, community groups, schools and organizations visit us who have recounted their pleasure at finally being able to attend a restaurant that speaks their language, we have included their reviews in the below links.

This May, in keeping with our goal to become one of the most inclusive restaurants in Australia, we also recently became the first restaurant to introduce a low sensory hour for families who have children or family members on the Autism spectrum. Our

Sensory Sensitive Initiative was achieved with the help of local charities, community groups and psychologists.

The way Sensory Sensitive Hour works is this: From the hours of 4pm-6pm every Wednesday, we pledge to close our doors to the general public, and only allow families who have children on the autism spectrum to dine in a comfortable environment suited to theirs and their children’s needs. We turn off 50% of our lighting, all heavy machinery, all our electronic devices that emit noise, including our 8 TVs and background sound system. We also provide sensory toys given to us by a local charity that deals with children on the autism spectrum on a regular basis.

Punchbowl Rashays is and has always been completely wheelchair accessible, with over 20 disable only cars spaces both underground and outside.