Business Name: Shine Bright Early Learning Centre

Address: 74 Kennedy St, Picnic Point NSW 2213

Phone: Mina Hanna – 9774 3401


What do they do?

Early Childhood Education

What do they do towards Zero Barriers for people with disability?

Shine Bright ELC has supported one of our Jobseekers and has stated that they are happy to support any more job seekers if we had someone who was interest within that field.

Shine Bright ELC were accommodating to our jobseekers with disability, by supporting them within the role, but understood that our jobseeker may not be able to do the whole role.

Shine Bright ELC were always accommodating to our jobseekers when they had to Change of days of working and were understanding in the fact that TAFE was starting and that our jobseeker had other appointments to attend.

ELC also did not put a time frame on the amount of weeks our job seeker was with them. They left that up for the job seeker to decide and was happy to keep her for more than six weeks.